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Satin Pillowcases


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Starlet Satin pillowcases are made with a uniquely superior custom satin that is silky and unbelievably soft with just the right amount sheen. These lush pillowcases will not only preserve stunning complexions, but prevent gorgeous tresses from getting damaged during nightly tossing and turning. Satin’s tightly-woven, smooth, silky fibers reduce friction on the hair, which prevents not only bed-head, but damage and breakage. Satin’s smooth surface also helps to reduce sleep lines on the face which eventually turn into permanent wrinkles. Unlike cotton and even silk, which are highly absorbent and can rob the hair and skin of their natural moisture, satin helps to maintain the moisture balance due to its non-absorbent properties. For these reasons, countless beauty experts from hair stylists to cosmetic surgeons have recommended sleeping on a satin pillowcase nightly for the health and anti-aging benefits to the hair and skin.

As an exclusive hair stylist to Hollywood's Golden Age starlets, Aunt Amy was regarded as not only a beauty expert, but a close confidante to her elite clientele.  And since they relied on her to maintain their dazzling, perfectly waved hairstyles and to preserve their youthful dewy complexions, she needed to let them in on a little secret…

"Sleeping on a satin pillowcase is essential to maintaining beautiful hair and skin. Satin’s tightly woven fibers and smooth silky surface reduce friction - allowing hair and skin to glide - preventing hair damage, bed-head, and sleep lines on the face from nightly tossing and turning.  Satin also helps conserve moisture, preventing skin and hair from being dry, flat, and tired-looking." 

Individually packaged~ 1 pillowcase per package

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