How should I care for my satin pillowcase?

To launder your Starlet Satin Pillowcase: Turn the pillowcase inside out. Machine wash warm and tumble dry low-medium. Remove promptly from the dryer to avoid wrinkling. Easy Peasy! If you are one that likes to iron everything including your underwear- please use the lowest steam setting.  We recommend not laundering your special pillowcase with towels as this can sometimes cause pilling of the satin fabric.

To keep your Starlet Satin Pillowcase looking its best: Because our satin is so incredibly soft, it can snag easily on sharp objects. Those gorgeous earrings you wore last night? Just take them out! It only takes a second, and it’s a lot more comfortable to sleep without jewelry anyway. Your pillowcase will thank you in the morning.  Also avoid letting your pillowcase come in contact with anything sharp or abrasive. And NO! Of course we aren’t talking about your sleeping partner!  We are talking about things like Velcro. But darling, you shouldn’t be sleeping with Velcro either.

Where are your products made?

We are so proud of the fact that our products are made in the USA, Boise Idaho. We enjoy providing local jobs, and thank our lucky stars every day that we have Sadie, our head seamstress, who ensures that each pillowcase is made with so much love and care.

How are your products packaged?

Splendidly! It was important to us to have our pillowcase packaging pay homage to our glamourous “Old Hollywood” roots. And really, if you are gifting a satin pillowcase to someone special, don’t you want it to be a stunner? We think you’ll agree that our pillowcase & travel pillow packaging are amazingly swoon-worthy! Since our pillowcases are considered a beauty product, and not a bedding item, they are sold individually and not in sets- one per package.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Starlet Satin makes every effort to ship your order on-the-double. Orders will be shipped within 2 business days unless unforeseen circumstances arise such as a natural disaster or zombie apocalypse. Your order will ship via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. We will email the tracking information to you as soon as your order heads out the door so that you can anxiously await your life-changing beauty sleep.

How long does it take to process an order with embroidery personalization?

If you choose to personalize your product with embroidery, please add an additional 10 days to the normal order processing time of 48 hours. Don’t flip your wig- it will be worth the wait when you see your beautiful pillowcases embroidered with your name, monogram, or special message.

I have Queen sized pillows. What size should I order?

Well of course you have Queen! It’s so fitting for you! But don’t worry your pretty little head- our standard size will fit just fine and dandy!

Can I exchange for a different color or size?

You were thinking that “Dreamboat Blue” satin pillowcases would be perfect for your newly decorated bedroom, but after receiving them, you realize that you are more in the mood for “Whoopee White.” As long as you follow our instructions here for making a Return or Exchange, we are happy to process your request in a jiffy!

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2004, but prior to that, our family has been making satin pillowcases for over 75 years! It’s easy to see why we call ourselves the “satin pillowcase experts.”

Are your pillowcases 100% Satin?

Why yes, they are, but if you are asking this question, perhaps you may not fully understand exactly what satin is. We think this might clear it up for you: What is satin?

What’s better for my skin & hair, satin or silk?

We are so glad you asked, dear! If you asked this question to 100 different people, you would surely get 100 different answers. But since you asked us, here’s our 2 cents: Satin vs Silk

I own a salon/spa/retail boutique and would like to sell your pillowcases!

Wonderful! We are always looking for top-notch retailers to partner with. First, let’s make sure we are in cahoots with each other. Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a Starlet Satin retailer can be found here: Wholesale.