Unscented Eye Pillow

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Color: Whoopee White

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Beauty Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Starlet Satin pillowcases are made with a uniquely superior custom satin that is silky and unbelievably soft with just the right amount sheen. These lush pillowcases will not only preserve stunning complexions, but prevent gorgeous tresses from getting damaged during nightly tossing and turning. Satin’s tightly-woven, smooth, silky fibers reduce friction on the hair, which prevents not only bed-head, but damage and breakage. Satin’s smooth surface also helps to reduce sleep lines on the face which eventually turn into permanent wrinkles. Unlike cotton and even silk, which are highly absorbent and can rob the hair and skin of their natural moisture, satin helps to maintain the moisture balance due to its non-absorbent properties. For these reasons, countless beauty experts from hair stylists to cosmetic surgeons have recommended sleeping on a satin pillowcase nightly for the health and anti-aging benefits to the hair and skin.

  • Decreases hair damage & breakage
  • Minimizes sleep lines on the face
  • Non-abrasive on skin after facial treatments
  • Protects eyelash & hair extensions
  • Extends the life of blow-outs
  • Preserves natural moisture in hair & skin
What is satin? Satin Pillowcases by Starlet Satin

What is Satin?

Satin is a weaving technique applied to many different types of fabrics including polyester, nylon, acetate, rayon, silk, and cotton. However, the term satin is typically used to describe a synthetic material that is woven in this technique. Satin is most often made from polyester or acetate.

Not all satins are created equal!

We’re sure you have all felt satin that is super thin, abnormally shiny, and incredibly slippery, which is what a lot of low quality satin pillowcases are made from. We know- we have felt and tested out every type of satin available, and there is a lot of poor quality satin out there! Which is precisely why we decided to work with one of the best fabric mills to custom create our own superior quality, absolutely dreamy satin. It is thick and luxurious with just the right amount of sheen, and launders beautifully with minimal (if any) wrinkling. Starlet Satin is literally like no other since we made it to our specifications and standards.

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It's time to relax, darling. Starlet Satin’s Eye Pillow is easy on the eyes and puts the twinkle back in your gaze. Plumped with organic flax seed, our gentle cushion melts tension, soothes facial muscles, and caresses headaches away. Satin cover may be removed for laundering. 

Simply Natural Unscented- Made especially for those who are sensitive to scents or botanicals. 

To Use Cold: Place in a plastic bag in freezer for at least an hour. The cool satin helps to reduce puffy eyes and soothe headaches. 

To Use Warm: Place in direct sunlight to warm naturally. The warmth helps to relive sinus pressure and relax facial muscles. 

Outer cover may be removed and laundered. Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, tumble dry low. Spot clean inner pillow- do not get fill wet.   

  • Handcrafted with Premium Peau de Soie Satin
  • 100% Poly Satin Cover
  • Chenille Softee Inner Pillow
  • Organic Flaxseed Fill
  • Made in the USA, Boise Idaho 

Customer Reviews

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Janice Webb
Aromatherapy eye pillow

I use this for heat therapy on my eyes and I love it.

Trudene N.
Eye pillows

Soft, soothing & will make excellent gifts