Summer Travel Essentials to Arrive Looking Gorgeous!

Summer Travel Essentials to Arrive Looking Gorgeous!
Summer travel plans? Be sure to pack our #1 travel essential to ensure you arrive looking and feeling refreshed! Starlet Satin Travel Pillows will not only help maintain your hairstyle and avoid the dreaded bed-head, but also decrease any sleep lines on your face while maintaining the moisture in your hair and skin during the dry summer months. The silky smooth surface allows hair and skin to glide across, decreasing any hair damage and minimizing the pressure and friction on the hair and skin. The other great thing about satin- which is especially nice in the summer- is that it feels cool on the skin. It's great to be able to get your beauty rest on a nice cool, luxurious travel pillow while traveling in the heat of summer! And don't forget to pack your sunscreen & a hat to protect your youthful complexions! Happy travels, dear starlets!

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